Sinful Chocolate Cookies

Christmas Time Is Here! This also means it’s time for Holiday Baking, so I thought I’d share our family’s recipe for chocolate cookies with you!

With only a 4-5 ingredients, these are so easy to make, and taste fantastic!

Sinful Chocolate Cookies

This is a recipe that’s been passed around our family for a few years. I’m not sure where the original came from, but we’ve tweaked it a bit… You will be asked for this recipe!

These cookies are wonderful for Christmas cookie plates, a special Valentine’s Day treat for your sweetie, bake sales, you name it, they work wonderfully!

1 box Devil’s Food cake mix with pudding
½ cup butter – softened
8 oz. Cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
*powdered sugar

Mix together all ingredients. Roll dough into small balls and place on un-greased cookie sheet (or a silicone lined cookie sheet), gently flatten.
Bake at 350ºF for 8 minutes.**

*I prefer them without the powdered sugar, but  my mom deems it necessary. If you choose to use powdered sugar, roll the dough balls in powdered sugar breore placing them on the cookie sheet, and tap the tops with a spoon. When they come out of the oven, sprinkle them with a bit more powdered sugar! I recommend making them a tad bit larger if you go this route too.

**I usually take them out a minute or so early & let them finish on the cookie sheet – makes them softer & moister – they are just right when they get all crackly.

You can use any cake mix with pudding that you prefer. We have used wild cherry, lemon, white cake… just about any flavor will work!


This recipe is the first of a series of cookie recipes we are sharing with you this week. Check back every day this week to see what recipe we post next! For a full list of the recipes, please visit our Recipes page!


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