Tips on Choosing Your Lights

Over the holidays, my family did a bit of traveling, and the lights below were found in one of the hotels we stayed in. Both lights are large – over 4 feet in diameter. Both coordinate to the space they are used in very well, yet they are so different. Neither light would work where the other one is used – the styles are far too different.

The first light looks small in the area it’s used in – a foyer in a turret at the top of the escalators, and the first part of the hotel you see. It gives a feeling of understated elegance, with a nice, bright, white light.

Your choice in lighting is a strong indicator of the personality of the space you are creating. A change in the lighting can create a complete change in the voice of the space it’s used in.

Entry light in the Fairmont YVL

This space makes a fairly large light look quite small! But the light fits the feel of the space very well, and sets the tone for walking into the hotel.

The second light sits in the midst of the elevators, and nearly fills the available space. This light feels much larger, and the amber lighting is much more intimate.

Luxe light in the Fairmont YVR

Golden light with natural stone look

It’s hard to believe these lights are just down the hall from one another. Both are very luxurious, but each has such a different voice.

These beautiful lights are an example of how different lighting can be used to enhance the space they are used in. Your choice in lighting is a strong indicator of the personality of the space you are creating. Keep this idea in mind as you choose lighting for your home. Every light gives voice to the space they are used in. Change a light and you change the entire feel of a room.

These beautiful lights are located in the Fairmont Hotel at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). If you are flying through Vancouver, BC, and have an early or late flight, I cannot recommend it enough! It is located inside the airport, and it has been soundproofed so you don’t hear the airplane noise.

And with a view like this, what’s not to love?

lights of YVR Terminal

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