Laundry Room 1327 Eagle Way

The laundry room in 1327 Eagle Way has space for your washer & dryer, plus a laundry sink, and an upper & lower cabinet!

stainless steel utility sink in the laundry room has a pull-down faucet and extra storage above and below

The pull down faucet makes it so easy to rinse out dirty & stained laundry, your mop, paint brushes from an art project, or whatever you need to rinse out! The stainless steel utility sink is deep enough to soak things that need it, but shallow enough that you can still reach the bottom if you need to scrub something. And because it’s stainless steel, it won’t show stains as easily if something gets left sitting in the bottom for too long.

The custom tiled countertop & back splash help ensure that the water doesn’t damage the wall or counter, while giving you some extra space to set your soap or a scrub brush.

The seal gray Kemper cabinets coordinate to the rest of the semi-custom cabinetry throughout the home, and give you lots of space behind closed doors to store your laundry soaps & cleaning supplies. There are also 2 open shelves that are mounted above the washer & dryer space, giving you extra storage for blankets, pillows, decorations, etc.

The plank tile flooring carries into the laundry room past the pantry & into the kitchen, which makes it easy to keep clean – no carpet, and no weird transition from tile to something else.

Lots of storage, and easy care. What more can you ask for in a laundry room?

For more information on our new homes in Fruita, Colorado, contact Janet at 970-245-9434. This home is almost complete, and should be on the market in early July 2018. New construction takes time, but we want to make sure it’s right!

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