The landscaping on 1327 Eagle Way is almost done!

J&R Landscaping have been hard at work this week to get all of the landscaping complete at 1327 Eagle Way. They put in the timed & pressurized sprinkler system, planned out all of the plants & trees & installed a drip line to water them, added concrete curbing, dug in the boulders, planted everything, and filled in the custom-blended decorative rock. They were laying in the sod this afternoon when we took photos.

landscaping is almost done

What a view to enjoy along with your morning cup of coffee, tea or OJ!


1327 Eagle Way - landscaping

The grass is going in this afternoon.

landscaping is almost complete - decorative rock, plants & sod

Laying the sod in the back yard – the front was finished earlier this afternoon

custom decorative rock blend from The Rock Shop in Grand Junction Colorado

The Rock Shop created a custom blend of decorative rock for this home

paver path through decorative rock & plants

We added a walking path & some boulder “seats” between the two concrete patios

landscaping at 1327 Eagle Way

The front yard is all done!

There is a miniature grape trellis in front of the South bedroom window… it should be gorgeous this Autumn! As the plants & trees mature, they will add so much beauty & color to the yard.

What do you think of the landscaping? Our homes are ready to move into when we finish them – inside & out! You just need to have your furniture delivered. 🙂

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