Headless Chicken Festival

Who is planning to come out to the Mike the Headless Chicken festival this weekend? In honor of the Wyandotte chicken that lived for 18 months after having (most of) his head chopped off.

Yes, really.

Visit the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival in Downtown Fruita, CO June 1-2, 2018

Mike the Headless Chicken sculpture in Downtown Fruita, CO

Mike (honorary sculpture pictured above) is a Wyandotte chicken that survived & toured the USA for 18 months after an attempt to eat him for dinner failed. The farmer & his wife were hosting his (or her?) mother, & she loved neck meat. So, the decapitation was altered slightly in an attempt to keep as much neck meat as possible. It also left enough of the brain for Miracle Mike to not only survive the attempt, but to thrive for 18 months – and reportedly was insured for $40,000!

The sculpture, located in Aspen in Downtown Fruits, CO, is often seen sporting a number of hats upon his headless body.

Want more of the backstory? Check out the story of Miracle Mike over at Smithsonian.com. Or, perhaps you’d prefer TIME magazine? There is always Wikipedia, if that’s your preference.

No matter where you get the details, if you are in the area, stop by and join the festivities!

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