Custom Stained Doors in 1327 Eagle Way

The adler wood doors in 1327 Eagle Way have been stained, lacquered & hung. And they are GORGEOUS!

custom stained door - gray brown color custom blended to coordinate to gray cabinets & tile plank flooring

We had a custom stain blended to coordinate to the seal gray cabinets & wood-look tile plank flooring.

The think I love most about these doors is the depth of the wood grain that shows through, mixing with the beautiful gray-brown color.

These are not your typical stained door! The color gives a slightly rustic feel, simply because it’s not brown – they almost feel aged. With the warm griege walls and seal gray cabinets, the doors simply enhance their surroundings.

We are getting closer to completion every day! We hope to have this beautiful home on the market in early July, 2018. If you are interested in looking at this home, please call Janet at 970-245-9434 to schedule your appointment.

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