Small Waterfalls at Adobe Falls

There is something so soothing about running water, don’t you think? We shot a video of the water on one of the smaller waterfalls last week & slowed it down so you can actually see the water falling.

We have two smaller hand built waterfalls in the Adobe Falls Subdivision park as well as the large double-sided one.

custom built waterfall at adobe falls

All of the waterfalls are built from granite boulders, and the water runs throughout the Summer months.

waterfall at adobe falls park


The fountain in the pond runs on weekends & holidays throughout the Summer months as well, and all of them help to aerate the irrigation ponds to help clean our irrigation water before it goes out to the houses.

We have several new homes that are nearing completion in Adobe Falls, and a few lots left for building in Filing One. We are working towards getting all of the utilities installed in Filing Two, and hope to have lots available to purchase later this year.

Contact Janet at 970-245-9434 to ask about any of our properties in Adobe Falls Subdivision!

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